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Screen cheat sheet

March 19, 2019

Screen is a Linux utility for making multiple displays with one login and switching, cutting and pasting between the sessions. Here is an abbreviated list of what to do. A full list of course is found in “man screen” or “info screen”

  • Invoke: screen
  • Detatch ^a d
  • re-attach screen -r
  • New session: ^a c
  • Next session: ^a n
  • Previous session: ^a p
  • List sessions ^a “
  • Title a window: ^a A
  • Split screen: ^a | or ^a s (vertical, horizontal)
  • Other screen (when split): ^a tab or ^a ^i
  • Unsplit screen: ^a Q
  • Copy mode: ^a [
    • in copy mode, can move the cursor with arrow keys,hjkl,
    • pg up, pg down, ^b ^f
    • Search backwards: ? or ^r
    • Search forwards: ^a s or /
    • Next / Prev search pattern: n or N
    • Mark: space
    • Copy: Enter
    • Exit: any non-copy mode key (q for one)
  • Paste: ^a ]

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